Making a Large Nova Scotia Map

We had another order come in for a custom size map of Nova Scotia. The customer requested it be on a rustic backboard measuring 48 x 24 inches. That makes for a large, heavy, finished piece. Here is the template we printed out for this project.

wood map,ns map,backboard
It’s gonna be big

But first things first, we needed weathered boards for the backboard and you will never guess where we got them.

wood map,ns map,weathered boards,shipping container
This should look familiar

Yup, we took two battens off the shipping container.

wood map,ns map,weathered boards,shipping container
Shipping container battens

These are the perfect color for the backboard of the map. We replaced the two boards with newer boards and in no time they will match the rest. Or we will have a lovely stripped container with more projects on the horizon. Its all good.

wood map,ns map,weathered boards,shipping container

So it would seem we have a never ending supply of weathered boards. Perfect. The other side of the container sees much less sun and so they are slower to turn grey.

Back in the workshop, Jim cut the boards to length and added wood strips to the back of them to hold them together.

wood map,ns map,weathered boards,backboard
48 x 24 backboard

Then, with the vinyl template in place it was time to start cutting out the map.

wood map,ns map,backboard,scroll saw
Birds eye view

The process of cutting such a large map took about 3 hours. Jim chose a rainy day for the task. For the ends of the backboard, since they were fresh cuts, we decided to do a light grey stain for them to blend in better and not look freshly cut.

wood map,ns map,backboard,scroll saw
Staining the ends

Here is the result. We can use the negative to create another map for sale. It just needs a painted backboard and frame.

wood map,ns map,backboard,scroll saw
Two projects in one

We weren’t finished yet. The customer requested the map be painted white. Usually we would just use a paint brush or even a small roller for a map of this size. But, they also requested that the sides be painted. It would take too long with a brush, ain’t nobody got time for that. So Jim broke out the paint sprayer and added a little water to the paint so it would flow better.

wood map,ns map,backboard,scroll saw
Let the spraying begin

After checking on it the next day, it required a light sanding and a second spray. Especially along the edges.

wood map,ns map,backboard,scroll saw
Hanging on to Cape Breton

The Cape Breton end of the map is kinda fragile in the sense that it is hanging on by a very thin piece of the board. With the painting finished, it was time to attach it to the backboard. They requested it be attached directly to the backboard with no spacers.

Here is the finished map.

NS map,wood map
24 x 48 inch map

It could also be displayed outdoors, in case you didn’t know.

ns map,wood map
I like this picture too

This was a fun project. We really enjoy doing these, plus now we have potential weathered backboards galore. This one was shipped in the mail.



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