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Kiln Shed: Electrical

We are back to making progress on our kiln build. With the board and batten complete, the next order of business is to upgrade the electrical panel in the workshop. The kiln equipment requires electrical needs that the original, small 4 circuit panel just did not have.

electrical upgrade,sawmilling,kiln building,
Replacing the panel.

So its out with the old and in with the new.

electrical panel upgrade,workshop,woodworking,sawmilling
Bigger electrical panel.

In a few short hours the panel was reinstalled and ready for cleanup.

electrical upgrade, saw milling,workshop,renovations
Completed panel upgrade.

The last stage of the inside work was to run circuits through the workshop attic and to the rear of the building to a junction box on the rear wall of the building.

kiln building,electrical upgrade,renovations
Junction box.

The main reason we built the kiln shed right behind the workshop was so the electrical wouldn’t have far to go. The electrician will be back in the next week or so to run wiring to the kiln building itself. For this step it has to go underground.

electrical upgrade, saw milling,workshop,renovations
Connecting to the kiln building.

Getting closer! Up next is setting up the kiln’s controller.

Have a great weekend.

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  • Michael Monday

    Thank you again Jim for sharing with me your kiln build. This looks awesome and I hope I can build mine to the same quality as yours. Your website it great! I look forward to following you on your FB page. Great stuff sir. Thanks again.

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