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Firewood and Dog Sitting Round 3

We picked the second hottest day so far this year to start getting firewood ready for the winter. The first hottest day was the day we cut them down. We must be cracked. Or have very bad timing. We still have about 3 cords left from last year, but that’s not enough to get us through the winter. We usually use about 5 – 6 cords a year but its always nice to have extra. We started by cutting up the small parts of the rock maple we cut down a few weeks ago. The one large log from the base of the tree will go on the mill later.

Making sawdust

While Jim was cutting the log to length, I was stacking the smaller pieces that wouldn’t need to be split.

Maple firewood

We decided to make the most of our time and use the skidsteer with the bucket to stack the firewood in. Then we got the wood splitter out and got to work on the rest.

Building muscles…I mean more muscles

I laugh so I don’t cry. The shirt was my bug repellent for the day.

Here we are loaded up and ready to move the first pile. You can see our wood bins in the background. That’s where we are heading.

One of many loads

I have to say the skidsteer is our best purchase yet. Especially with the numerous attachments we have. We use it more than all our other toys machines put together.

It can handle quite a heavy load

We managed to cut and split 6 loads. Each bin holds about a cord. We filled one bin and started on the second. We didn’t get it all done, hopefully the next time we work on the firewood it will be a cooler day.

Its a start

Also in between cutting, splitting, stacking, transporting, and re-stacking firewood, we managed to mow 2 of the 4 lawns we take care of every summer.

And as if all that wasn’t enough, we were dog sitting for another night. This will be our third time, and we had both Jacob and Frank. The other two times they were here it was cold out so they were happy to stay indoors. This time not so much. Luckily we have a screened sun porch that they enjoyed spending time in. Only thing is that’s where we have our hummingbird feeders.

dog sitting,jacob,frank

We weren’t sure if Jacob would bust through the screens or not but he didn’t. Frank on the other hand is quite a case. His Mom and Dad told us he would probably sleep all the time. Nope. In the house he walked around ALL the time, just walking. Slowly. After all he is quite old. But once outdoors he was like a totally different dog. We kept them both on leashes when we went for walks, you know, because we wish to return them in one piece. Once outdoors, Frank would run full out. Shocking. And in the sunroom he was the one barking at the birds.

dog sitting,jacob,frank

Here is another of Jacob, just because he is soooo cute. He is a bit camera shy. Whenever we would turn the lens on him, he would turn or walk away. Maybe the lens on the Canon looked like a big evil eye! What we would do is lower the camera and let him sniff it and look at it closer. Eventually he started to get more comfortable with it.

dog sitting,jacob,frank
Not sure of the camera

Well…that was enough to keep us out of trouble this weekend.


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