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Making a Wind Spinner

Another rainy weekend had us in the workshop working on a project. We decided to build a wind spinner for the yard. God knows, it’s usually windy enough here for it to spin. I had the hardware written on our shopping list but turns out Jim had just what we needed already in the workshop. Of course he did.

wind spinner
Wind spinner project

We gathered everything together on the workbench. Wood. Check. Fishing lure spinner. Check. Threaded rod. Check.  And some assorted washers and end caps.

wind spinner
Ready to go

I didn’t ask where he saved a fishing lure spinner from. In 30 years I have never seen him go fishing.

First we had to decide how big we wanted it to be and settled on about 18 inches long. So to start, we had to cut the wood into strips and decided that 1/4 inch thick looked good. We were winging it. Jim cut out all the strips, 64 in total, on the table saw. It didn’t take as long as you might think.

wind spinner
Cutting the 1/4 inch thick strips

I kept an eye on the cutting progress.

wind spinner
Need a few more yet
wind spinner
Keep cutting

It took 64 slices of wood to reach the 18 inch mark.

wind spinner
Stop cutting now

The wood strips needed a hole cut in each for the rod to thread through, so I did the measuring…

wind spinner
Precise measuring skills right there

…while Jim drilled the holes.

wind spinner
Three at a time

We decided to put it together to make sure it would spin before we went any further. You know, just in case.

wind spinner
Taking it for a spin

We weren’t finished yet. We had to cut out the shape using the bandsaw. You could use a scroll saw, jigsaw, or miter saw but we used the bandsaw. This is the shape we decided to try.

wind spinner
That should do it

So with the rod threaded through the slices to keep everything aligned, Jim took it to the bandsaw to trim the excess.

wind spinner
Hope this works

Then it was back in the house for the pieces to be stained. Took about an hour using rubber gloves and a rag to wipe the stain on. We contemplated  painting it different colors, and maybe if we make another we will try that. Also thought about just painting the ends a bright color. Here they are drying.

wind spinner
Puzzle anyone?

Once dry, I was left with a jumble of wood pieces.

wind spinner
Not the shape we were going for

Took a little bit of time to sort them out and get them back in the proper order. Once I had them lined up it was time to thread the rod through the holes again.

wind spinner
I’m good at puzzles

And with that we have a new wind spinner that we made ourselves. Here it is hanging from one of our birch trees.

wind spinner
Another masterpiece

So…those are the steps we took to build a wind spinner, but you do you.


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