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Adding Glass to a Nova Scotia Map

We recently sold another wood map of Nova Scotia. I just love the colors in this one. I know, I know…I say that about each one, but it’s true. The customer requested that glass be added. This will be a first for this type of project. Since it was already framed, it had to be taken apart and reframed. Here is the map we were going to tackle.

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Wood map of Nova Scotia

First things first, the frame had to be taken off. And as per usual, it was held on with nails and glue.

wood map of NS,glass
Cross your fingers

Once the frame was off, we measured and placed our order for the glass. A couple of days later with glass in hand, Jim started building a new frame.

wood map of NS,glass
We shall rebuild

He didn’t attach it to the map just yet. It had to be painted first.

wood map of NS,glass
New frame

Now it was ready to be put back together. I swear there is glass in this next picture.

wood map of NS,glass
Can you see the glass?

Maybe from this angle.

wood map of NS,glass
Can you see it now?

Ok how about now…

wood map of NS
There it is

It looks interesting with the glass, a different look for sure. This one is headed to the Yukon. Probably a homesick Nova Scotian.



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