Making a Monogramed Sign

This weekend we decided to make a monogramed sign to hang from the steel pole we placed in the flower bed a few years ago. We usually just hang a garden flag but each year it either rips or frays. These flags are around $30, you’d think they would last a few seasons. Nope. The one from last year had a small tear in it so I sewed it up and in only a few weeks time it had another much larger tear in another spot. They don’t make things like they used to. Time to do a little DIY.

monogramed sign,pallet
Painting the sign

We had this metal pole welded up several years ago by the same guy who showed Jim how to weld.  I dug this picture out from two flags ago.

garden,landscaping,welcome sign flag pole
Welcome sign

This year, actually just Saturday, we decided to make something to hang on it instead of a flag. I checked on Pinterest. I know, I know… I was supposed to quit Pinterest, but sometimes it does comes in handy. I found three different monogramed signs that I liked and took parts from each to make exactly what we had in mind.

To start, we headed out to the workshop where Jim found a few boards we could use. We laid out six boards but thought it would be too big and heavy so we eliminated two and ended up with four boards.

monogramed sign,pallet
Picking the boards

Jim cut them all 20 inches long making our finished measurements 16 x 20 inches.

monogramed sign,pallet
Cutting to size

Then we flipped them over and nailed two more boards to the back.

monogramed sign,pallet
Nailing the back on

And gave it a quick sanding.

monogramed sign,pallet
It’s all a blur

Now it was time to get our lettering printed out. We wanted the B to be a basic font and our last name to be a little fancier script.

monogramed sign,pallet
That looks good

We printed the B on a large sheet label and the rest on regular white paper.

monogramed sign,pallet
Now we are ready

I cut the B out with scissors and stuck it to the boards. Then proceeded to white wash the boards and pull the B off.

monogramed sign,pallet
That was the easy part

Now it was time for the other lettering. This would have to be hand painted. Yikes. For these I used transfer paper and traced everything on the boards.

monogramed sign,pallet
Ready to paint
monogramed sign,pallet
Slow but steady

For the bottom we decided to add our GPS coordinates. That took some searching online, everywhere we tried to find them gave us different numbers.

With the painting finished, it was back to the workshop to figure out how we were going to hang it from the pole. I think Jim was in a hurry to get the holes drilled cause I had just finished saying how it was too nice to hang outdoors.

Jim has a bunch of rope he has been carrying around for a dozen years, and that came in handy for this project.

monogramed sign,pallet
Drilling two holes

Then it was time to see if the ropes were even. I think I will paint the wooden pole black.

monogramed sign,pallet

And a little closer up…

monogramed sign,pallet
B is for Barry

And because I can’t leave well enough alone, like a dog with a bone I tell ya, I had to paint the pole black.

monogramed sign,pallet
Now I’m finished

Funny… the sign seemed huge while we were putting it together and painting it. Hanging outdoors it doesn’t look too big at all.  I love doing these little projects. Something that can be started and finished in one day.

Contact us if you would like us to make you a sign for your home or cottage.




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