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Nova Scotia Crib Board

We finally got an afternoon in the workshop so we had to put our time to good use. On order was a wood map of Nova Scotia crib board. Normally we print our maps out on self-adhesive paper and thats what we thought we had done until we got to the workshop and discovered we had printed them on vinyl. Me nerves. We decided to use them anyways and just tape the image to the boards.

ns wood map,crib board
Getting set up

While Jim got set up on the scroll saw, I was getting the other live edge crib board templates ready for the drill press.

ns wood map,crib board
This should be fun

Now I had only used the drill press once before, but it wasn’t enough to scare me off.

ns wood map,crib board
Looks straight to me

Jim had the stop set on the drill press so I didn’t have to worry about going right through the wood. He’s sensible like that.

Meanwhile, behind me, Jim was working at the scroll saw. The first time a blade broke on the saw it scared me half to death. The second and third time I didn’t even flinch.

ns wood map,crib board
He has a long ways to go

We kept plugging away, me drilling holes, Jim scrolling the coast. Once Jim finished cutting out the map, he still had to drill the crib holes in it.

ns wood map,crib board
Its a twofer

For the top piece, Jim cut out a backboard from 1/4 inch thick plywood and sanded it.

wood maps,NS maps,crib boards
Sanding the plywood

I painted the backboard black, and then Jim built a frame.

wood maps,NS maps,crib boards
Framing the map

Here are the finished pieces.

wood maps,NS maps,crib boards
NS crib board


wood maps,NS maps,crib boards
Wood map of NS

Each time we do another map project it becomes my favourite. Love the natural wood and black together, but this one sold before we had a chance to add it to our project page. Not complaining.

Have a great weekend.




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