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Cutting Large Stumps

If you remember last fall we cut down about ten trees at my Moms house, and we had left the stumps. Not because we were lazy, but because Jim needed an excuse to buy a new tool. Couldn’t finish the job until the order was placed and picked up. Well, now there is no excuse so we headed over to finish the job.

chainsaw,tree stumps
Does this saw make my butt look big?

Let me back up and show you how this stump came to be. All the trees in the following picture came down. Most were single trees and easy to cut the base right to the ground. There were two that were multiple trees growing together, hence the massive stump.

chainsaw,tree stumps
Don’t judge, I was tired

So with the new saw and a 36 inch bar, Jim got down to business. Those yellow things are hard plastic wedges used to keep the cut side from weighing down on the chainsaw bar and possibly getting it stuck. Not that we have any previous experience of such a thing. You can see the tip of the bar sticking out of this side of the stump.

chainsaw,tree stumps
Told you it was big

Once it was cut all the way through, Jim cut it into manageable sized chunks. And by manageable, I mean a size I would be able to carry.

chainsaw,tree stumps
More cuts

And lots of trips to dispose of it.

chainsaw,tree stumps
Woman in motion… sleep walking apparently.

Some of the things we have made from these trees so far are this dough bowl.

dough bowl,carving,chainsaw

And these live edge shelves.

Live edge,floating shelves,pine
Check it out

Also these wood maps of Nova Scotia.

live edge NS map
Fun project

We have more projects coming up of crib boards. Need to get on that. A person could never have too much wood to make projects from, or is that just us?




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