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Making Wooden Rabbits

We recently had a request for some wooden rabbits. Any project that starts out with the chainsaw is a project worth doing in Jims book. We didn’t have to go very far to find the right size tree for rabbit making.

wooden rabbits
No place he would rather be

First up was cutting down a small tree and cleaning the limbs off it.

wooden rabbits
My lumberjack

Then it was into the workshop to slice and dice the rabbit parts. Wait, that doesn’t sound right.

wooden rabbits
Cutting on the miter saw

As a side note, someday we will have an awesome workshop with plenty of space.

Anyhoo, once the tree is cut down you might as well make it all into rabbits. So Jim cut the larger log into bodies, and the medium size logs into heads and tails, and the smallest log was cut on an angle for legs and ears.

wooden rabbits
Rabbit parts

Now it was time for assembly. Jim used the air nailer to fasten all parts together.

wooden rabbits
He is smiling on the inside

Rabbits everywhere.

wooden rabbits
So cute

Then we went in for supper and while we were gone they multiplied like rabbits.

wooden rabbits
Baby rabbits

If you notice, some of the baby rabbits have floppy ears. Love those ones.

At least these rabbits won’t be eating the leaves off our bushes.



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