wood chipping

Wood Chipping and Dog Sitting

That about sums it up for our weekend. We got a call to do a chipping job on the weekend so first things first, we had to get the chipper out of winter storage.

Time to get to work

Things have dried up considerably in the shipping container since we added ventilation. Like, there are no more drips of moisture hanging off the ceiling. Before we added the wind turbine to the roof and cut a couple of holes in the other end, we had to cover our equipment with plastic.

We straightened up the chipper and pushed it to the doorway. Then Jim hooked it up to the skidsteer with a ball hitch and slowly pulled it out to dry land.

Mud is a sure sign of spring

Once out, we had to start it up and get it ready for the big job ahead. Sounds easy enough. Nope. It needed a little persuasion to get it running, that and new gas. Now we were ready.

We headed over on Saturday afternoon after the rain stopped. Got all set up and while it ran perfectly, it wasn’t taking in the branches like it should have been. Turns out we need a new belt, that and one of the triple wide belts had partially slipped off causing the machine not to get enough power to crank out the chips. Fixing that one was easy, but we have to pick up a new belt today.

Getting set up

So that put a quick halt to our afternoon plans. But they are just on pause until we can get a new belt, and then wait for dry weather again.

The day wasn’t a complete washout though. We were having two house guests for overnight. You may remember Jacob from our last (and only) dog sitting experience. It went so well he brought his older and much smaller brother Frank with him.

I was kinda shocked to see Jacob, its been a few months. He has grown so much. Now a dog, no longer a puppy. He didn’t outgrow his cuteness though.

First, meet Frank.

Frank just chillin

And of course Jacob.

All grown up

It was on the cool, or should I say cold side this weekend, so Frank arrived with a warm jacket. He has no fat to keep him warm. If I remember correctly, Frank is 14 years young. I really thought he would be sleeping most of the time. Wrong. He still has a lot of get-up-and-go for an old fella.

I caught Jim and Frank taking a nap. LOL.

Speaking of old fellas

One more of Jacob.

So cute


Fun fact: Jacob hates the vacuum cleaner but was fascinated with the lighthouse light which he could watch out the window.

Once we get the new belt for the chipper, we will head back over to get that chipping job done.



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