Spring Snow Storm

What could be worse than snow in the winter? Snow in the spring! Especially since we managed to get through the winter without hardly any snow. We thought we were home free. Here is how things looked just 24 hours before all hell broke loose.

snow storm

The lake has been open for a few weeks now. But, by the next day, this is what our view changed to.

Oh crap

The good news is it will melt quickly with our warm temperatures. In the mean time we had to get the skidsteer out for hopefully a final plow.

Heading up the driveway.
Coming back down

The ground isn’t frozen so the first 5 or 6 hours of snow melted as it hit the ground. But overnight we got about 20 centimeters that did stick.

I’ve got some shovelling to do

It was weird being outside with warm temperatures, birds singing, and snow on the ground. Maybe if I just close my eyes.

As soon as we can see the dirt again we will get back to finishing the kiln shed.


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