Kiln Shed: The Roof

For you it must seem like we are taking forever to build this shed, but for us it seems like we are moving along at a pretty good pace. Previously we added on the tarps and strapping. You must remember we are sharing the progress with you in real time. This is real rural life.

We picked up the supplies we were short on this week and finished up the soffit, facia, and drip edge.

metal roof,kiln shed
Finishing touches.

Then it was time to work on the metal roof. Our plan was to start and finish the roof all in one afternoon. Love it when a plan works out.

To begin with, the roofing panels came in 8 foot lengths. Our shed is only 10 feet wide. The sheets needed to be cut down to 78 inches. So that was our first step.

metal roof,kiln shed
Cutting the roofing panels to size.

We measured and marked the panels to size and clamped a straight edge for a guide. Then Jim broke out the grinder and made the cut following the board. We thought it would save time to cut four panels at a time. I don’t think it saved much and it was harder to cut through so we dropped it to cutting two at a time. Perfect.

metal roof,kiln shed
There is going to be a lot of left overs.

The rough edge of the panel will be hidden under the ridge cap. To do as much as possible to the panels on the ground, we marked for the screw holes and then pre-drilled the holes. This way they will all line up. We drilled the holes in four panels at a time.

metal roof,kiln shed
I feel eagle eyes watching me.

Then there was no more postponing the inevitable. Back up to the roof for Jim to install the first panel. He went up with drill and screws and I passed him the panels.

metal roof,kiln shed
One down, 17 to go.

Everything went smoothly, slow and steady wins the race. Once I positioned my ladder on the ground but was too close to the subject.

metal roof,kiln shed
Nice butt.

If you don’t hear from me again, you will know Jim took the camera and hid it.

This is what I really meant to show you.

kiln shed,metal roof
Almost finished

Next, and last, was the ridge cap.

kiln shed,metal roof
Same day, different sky

We bought three lengths of ridge cap. Good thing because I might have had an accident with one. Just sayin. No photo evidence though, so it’s like it didn’t even happen.

And with that, we finished the roof.

kiln shed,metal roof
We did good

Next up is the outside walls and the big door. We are considering adding a man door to the long side in case Jim needs to sneak in to check on the drying progress of the lumber. We’ll see.

Have a great weekend.


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