Kiln Shed: Progress

Well, work continues on the kiln shed. This long weekend was a mixed bag of weather. Between the high winds, and on and off showers we managed to make some headway. First thing we did was get the tarp on the ceiling of the shed.

Kiln shed,tarps,strapping
The inside.

We had to get that done before we could do anymore to the roof because the tarp had to be installed above the trusses. Impossible to do afterwards.

kiln shed,strapping,tarps
Getting the tarp in place.

Once that was all buttoned down Jim could begin strapping the roof. The next day the weather had turned cold and windy.

kiln shed,strapping,tarps
Thank God for the air nailer.

At this point we were nearly frozen but wanted to get the roof strapping finished so we pushed on.

kiln shed,strapping,tarps
Watch your footing!!
kiln shed,strapping,tarps
Getting there.

By the end of the day we had the roof completely strapped. We used every last piece of the one inch wood stacked on the 8 foot pallet that we had milled. (I think that sentence could use some punctuation!) That was just a lucky guess on our part. Here is how things looked at the end of the day.

kiln shed,strapping,tarps
Great job.

The next morning it was warmer but still too windy to work on the metal roof. I don’t weigh enough to carry the metal panels across the yard to Jim on the roof without taking off like a kite. Instead we decided to put on the soffit. Jim dug out an old saw for cutting the soffit to length.

kiln shed,soffit
Makeshift workbench.

Things went fairly smoothly.

kiln shed,strapping,tarps,soffit
Attaching the soffit.
kiln shed,soffit
Motoring right along.

When we finished up for the day, we discovered we were short one length of soffit. Isn’t that always the way. Meanwhile Jim started on the facia. The drip edge will go over that.

kiln shed,soffit,facia
Soffit and facia.

I took this picture yesterday afternoon while we were out working on the shed.

kiln shed,soffit
No ice.

I hate when it is that windy but it did help break up any ice that was left. Now the lake is wide open. It is also apparently the first day of fishing season. When we got up Sunday morning we spied a fisherman who is ‘outstanding’ at his sport.

Thats one way to fish.

The forecast is calling for a couple of fine days this week, so we’ll keep plugging away at the shed. At least there are no blackflies yet.



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