Kiln Shed: Tarps and Strapping

Its been a couple of weeks since we worked on the kiln shed trusses. Either the weather was lousy or we were busy, but yesterday we had a lovely spring day and a couple of hours to spare in the afternoon. Check out the blue sky. Beautiful.

kiln shed,tarps,strapping
Wrapping the shed with tarps.

Most times when you see a shed being built plywood would be the next step, but we like to be different. Just kidding. Actually, we just need a barrier between the spray foam and the outside cladding.

kiln shed,tarps,strapping
Wrap it up!!

The spray foam will make the building air tight, and if we do board and batten or metal on the outside, we don’t want the spray foam directly on that.

kiln shed,tarps,strapping
Wrapping the other long side.

I swear I was helping. Just stopped long enough to catch Jim at work.

For the strapping we were using lumber which we milled earlier this year from that first pile. They are all the same thickness but random widths.

milling lumber,spruce logs,kiln shed

Some we used just as they were…

kiln shed,tarps,strapping
Strapping over the tarps.

Some we Jim had to cut in half down the length to make two from one wide board. Considering we had only three snowfalls this winter, we still have little patches of snow here and there.

kiln shed,tarps,strapping
Cutting the strapping to size.

With the two long sides wrapped in tarp and strapping, we continued to the back.

kiln shed,tarps,strapping
Finishing the back.

Here is what it looks like so far from the inside.

kiln shed,tarps,strapping

The next fine day we will tackle the inside ceiling the same way, tarps and strapping and then its onto the roofing materials already bought and set aside. One thing at a time.


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