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Happy Birthday!

Things were pretty quiet here over the weekend and that’s never a bad thing. It was a little too cold to get to our outdoor projects and also Sunday was my birthday!

birthday cake,yogurt cake
Soooo good.

Jim baked his awesome yogurt cake at my request. Any type of yogurt can be used and we usually keep it to vanilla, but this time we tried strawberry yogurt. And just because I love cream cheese, he made cream cheese icing. All the goodness in one bite. No calories either.

As an update to the post on Uses for Wooden Cookie Slices, we applied polyurethane to them and here is one of the sugar maple slices.

polyurethane,wood slices
Sugar maple slices.

This slice is poplar that I keep on the table.

Poplar wood slice
Nice and shiny.

Another update Jim completed this weekend was to add another vent to the shipping container. Remember when we added a wind turbine and cut an additional hole at the other end for air flow, well it wasn’t enough air flow apparently. There was still moisture dripping from the ceiling, less than before but still there.

Jim cut another hole and this time he cut right through the wooden board and batten, adding a screen to the inside. This should do it.

shipping container,wind turbine,moisture
New hole for air flow.

When we built this house 11 years ago and worked on the landscaping, we planted two pine trees. I didn’t have much hope for them really but Jim did, and he was right. They both grew into lovely large pine trees rather quickly.

One got attacked by a porcupine, he stripped the bark off all the way around. Once that happens everything above that spot dies. But… we still had one left. Until we spotted this on the other one…

porcupines,pine tree
Pine tree.

Can’t have anything nice, between the deer, rabbits and porcupines. They are trying my patience.

Back in the kitchen, we made pita shells. We use these a lot through the week for lunches like donairs or chicken wraps and we ran out last week.

pita bread
Rolling out the shells.

Here is my assembly line waiting to cool enough to go in the container. We freeze them and take them out as needed.

pita bread,pita shells
Pita shells

We are actually supposed to get more spring like weather this week. Fingers crossed.




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