Making a Window Cornice

Over the weekend we decided to build a cornice for our bathroom window. Here is what the bathroom looked like after we finished the board and batten wall treatment.

custom carpentry,Shaker style trim work, Antigonish,frmhouse
Navy and white bathroom

After taking some quick measurements of the window, we headed out to the workshop to build the base.

Cutting the plywood to size.

We wanted the cornice to sit just outside the window trim so with those measurements, Jim set to work on the table saw cutting the scrap plywood to size.

The look of concentration!

We wanted the return to be three inches so Jim cut out two of those, and nailed them in place.

Attaching the ends.

Here is what it looked like at this point.

Cornice base.

Now back into the house to finish the project.

The material we used for this cornice is what was left over from when I sewed the shower curtain. We turned the cornice board upside down on the material to determine the placement on the pattern. Once we got things lined up we laid out the batting and started stapling the material to the back side of the cornice.

Stapling the material to the back.

The corners were tricky but the inside will never be seen so we just tried to keep things neat, cutting off excess material.

Lots of staples.

Just so you know things don’t always go as planned, I had wanted to put nailhead trim on as well. I bought two packs, so 50 nailheads. We gave it a go but I think since it was being used over patterned material, it sort of got lost. That and it was going to be almost impossible to get two rows straight. It would always bug me if they weren’t.

Nailhead trim.

They won’t go to waste. I’ll keep them for another project.

So with the cornice complete it was time for Jim to get out his measuring tape and get this hung in the bathroom.

Looking good…cornice too.

And from a little further back so you can see it with the shower curtain.


I actually am glad we didn’t follow through with the nailhead trim.

Not bad for a little scrap plywood and leftover material.


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