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Uses for Wooden Cookie Slices

Honestly, I had never heard of the term cookies when referring to wood before. All my cookies come out of the oven. Always learning something new. These cookie slices were cut on the sawmill.

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Wood cookie

That picture was from last summer when we were running tests with Pentacryl.

This weekend I went down to the basement to our stash of cookies and decided to do something with one of them. Here they are all dried and being used to weigh down some maple slabs.

maple cookies,wood cookies
Pile of cookies.

I took a couple of them out to the workshop and Jim sanded them down. These are sugar maple slices and they were too wide, by a couple of inches, to fit through the planer so Jim used the sander. Then on one he sprayed a semi gloss clear coat.

wood cookie,maple cookies
Semi gloss clear coat.

But when that dried (there’s always a but) you couldn’t even tell there was anything on it. I had envisioned more shine, and perhaps a richer color. On to plan B.

I took one to the paint room and put a coat of wood conditioner on it. On the other side I put a coat of Minwax Early American stain.

wood cookie,maple cookies
Early American stain

In person it looked like I used brown paint. So…no. We didn’t have any high gloss finishes on hand (Plan C) so I gave up and just used it plain, untouched but sanded.

wood cookie,maple cookies
Dining table centerpiece.

I put felt feet on the bottom so as not to scratch up the table.

I also have a few smaller Tamarack slices around the house.

wood cookie,maple cookies
Wood slice


wood cookie,maple cookies
On the window sill…

While I was working on this I thought it would be a great surface to paint on. I think I will try. Another great use for these is woodburning. I have never tried it but my sister does fantastic work. We are lucky enough to have a few pieces. Here is a woodburning of our house she did from a photo.

wood cookie,maple cookies
Beauty. A lot of people ask about this one.

Also these two…

wood cookie,maple cookies
Woodburning on wood slices

Another use for smaller slices is to make a door wreath. We used birch slices.

wooden wreaths, hand crafted,Made in Nova Scotia, Made in Maritimes, Made in Canada,birch trees
Hand crafted Wooden Door Wreaths

We showed you how we dried these slices and built this solar kiln in this post.

solar panel, wood kiln, dehydrator
solar panel converted

Before I go, here is your daily cuteness. On the weekend we had a visit from this little fellow. He’s a 3 month old cockapoo. So cute. So fluffy. Such sharp teeth!!

Cockapoo puppy

Hopefully we will make progress on the shed this week. Weather looks promising.


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