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Kiln Shed: The Walls

On Mondays post I showed you the beginnings of the kiln shed. Last fall we prepared the base, no easy task getting things level, and last weekend Jim got started on the walls.

skidsteer,spruce logs,piedmont
It’s a start.

We weren’t expecting to be able to start building this shed until April or May, but our winter has been so mild Jim didn’t want to waste these fine days when he could be building.

As a refresher, this shed is going to be 10 x 20 feet in size. The first wall to go up was what will be the back 10 foot wall. The opposite 10 foot wall will be where the loading doors will go.

Since Jim is working alone except for when he needs extra muscles from yours truly, he decided to put up the 20 foot walls in two sections for easier handling.

kiln shed,sawmilling,spruce logs
Kiln shed walls

Don’t forget these 2 x 4 pieces of lumber are being milled on site as well. As soon as he has enough milled to build a wall he puts the wall together. Makes for a slower process but no trips to the lumber yard are required. (Mama needs a new rug).

kiln shed,sawmilling,spruce logs
Milling 2 x 4’s

Next up was the first section that would make up one of the 20 foot walls.

kiln shed,sawmilling,spruce logs
So exciting.

And finally the second part of that 20 foot wall.

kiln shed,sawmilling,spruce logs
Excellent progress.

The last wall will have an 8 foot opening for loading the pallets of lumber into the shed for drying. And then its on to making the kiln building trusses.

As you can see we are blogging about this build in real time…weather permitting.


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