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Spruce Logs to Build Kiln Shed

We spent Saturday this past weekend getting spruce logs to mill into 2 x 4 stud lumber to build the kiln shed. For these ones we had to travel to Piedmont, which is about a 45 minute drive. We headed out at 9am for the first load. Jim had asked Darrell for about three cords and he only wanted logs larger than 8 inches across. I know you must be thinking, why didn’t we just go cut logs ourselves. Well, time is the number one factor. Ain’t nobody got time for that, well…apparently Darrell does.

spruce logs,
Darrell loading the spruce logs.

Darrell has a tractor but he doesn’t have forks, so we brought ours. We weren’t sure how much would fit on the trailer but I think we got about two cords on the first trip.

spruce logs,piedmont
First load of logs.

We made it home for lunch and then it was time for Jim to unload the logs with the skidsteer.

skidsteer,spruce logs,piedmont
So awesome.


skidsteer,spruce logs,piedmont
Still unloading.

As soon as he finished we headed back to Piedmont for the second load.

skidsteer,spruce logs,piedmont
Darrell hard at play.

I think a few of the logs on the second load were a touch smaller than we had asked for. Perhaps thats why Darrell actually had close to four cords cut. Check out the snow on the ground in Piedmont. Not that far away from home actually and we have none.

skidsteer,spruce logs,piedmont
Second load of logs.

By the time Jim got the second load of logs unloaded it was supper time. Speaking of supper, for years now, 27 years to be exact, we have been making our own pizza from scratch and our tradition is Saturday night pizza. Woohoo! Favourite meal of the week. Sometimes we even sneak one in on a week day, if it’s a birthday or something.

homemade pizza,beer,Alexander Keith's
homemade pizza and beer

Before I go, here is a peek at the beginnings of the kiln shed. Actually that’s all that we have done so far. I’ll show you our progress as we get more finished.

skidsteer,spruce logs,piedmont
It’s a start.


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