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Bleaching Wood Slabs

Hey there, happy Friday. Jim had cut these pieces of maple on the sawmill a few weeks ago and stood them up in the workshop while deciding what to do with them. Keep in mind our kiln isn’t set up yet, in fact the building that will house the kiln isn’t built yet. He was in the workshop this morning and took a look at the maple only to find out it was starting to go fuzzy. Normally the wood would be put through the planer anyways but these pieces were too wide for our current machine.

maple slabs,bleach,fuzzy
Maple slabs

We threw around options and decided to give them a bleach bath in the BATHTUB!!

Yes you read that right.

In it goes.

Now before I go too far, bleaching wood is a thing. Usually done to try and kill any bugs in the wood. We did do it last year but we were outdoors with rain gear on like sensible people.

removing stains, pine boards
Bleach treatment

Anyways, we got a system down and after Jim scrubbed the boards he would stand one up to drip dry while he worked on the next one.

This is funny, even to me.

Then Jim would dry off the one standing up with a rag and I would take it to the laundry room. Ha…I bet you thought I was going to say something else. Just keeping you on your toes.

Drying in the basement.

Good thing the laundry room is big because here is the other side of the room.

More wood slabs.

We are picking up more logs this weekend far as I know. I’ll show you our haul on Monday.



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