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Sawmill Blades Storage

As you can imagine, you have to have quite a few bandsaw blades on hand if you plan to run a saw mill. We estimate we get 300 – 500 board feet of lumber cut when the blade starts getting dull.

Here is  a picture of Jim changing the blade on the sawmill from last summer. Oh yeah, I remember summer…

Getting the new blade in place

At the moment we have 21 saw blades. There are 10 Lennox Woodmaster blades, 10 Rix-saws blades, and 1 Silver Tip Woodmizer blade. Some are waiting to be sharpened, some have never been used yet. The blades measure 157 inches in circumference. Fun times coiling and uncoiling them. Dangerous too, ask me how I know.  I have never actually touched them but I have seen Jim wrestle with them. There is a knack to it.

Hopefully this year we will have a shed built just for sharpening and setting blades and that will also house the extra blades.

In his spare time, Jim has been heading to the workshop to build boxes to store the blades in.

Saw Blade Box

I suppose they could just be hung on a nail on the wall but space is a scarce commodity in the workshop at the moment, what with the skidsteer parked in there for the winter.

Ten blades per box.

While it has been mild lately, one day Jim took this picture from inside the workshop looking out the window. Brrrr…

Frost on the workshop window.

Before I go, I wanted to show you this picture we took last night just after supper time.

Holy Cr@#!!!!

Yes that’s a bobcat!!!! Sitting on our front lawn.  First one we ever saw in person. Sometimes when there is snow or mud down on our walking path we see paw tracks but weren’t entirely sure what animal made them. He sat for a while and then slinked his way across the whole lawn and into the woods on the other side. You just never know what you are going to see around here. Awesome.


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