Homemade Baked Donuts

On the weekend we decided to try baked donuts. This was more of an experiment than anything. No high expectations at all. While surfing around the internet, I came across a recipe for baked donuts. First thought was, probably not very good. But after reading further I found out it was a thing. Before we could start we had to see if we could find donut pans locally. Low and behold, we did.

baked donuts
Donut pans.

Now we were off to the races. The pans came with a donut recipe as well so we decided to try both recipes. You know, just to be sure. Who wouldn’t want to have 24 donuts.

First up was the internet recipe. The batter was very runny and could be easily poured into the pans.

baked donuts
Internet baked donuts

The recipe said 350 degrees for 15 minutes. Here is how they looked out of the oven.

baked donuts
Internet baked donuts

They were kinda flat but still had potential. We let them cool for a bit then coated them with cinnamon sugar.

baked donuts

On to the second recipe.

Much different batter this time, had to be scooped into the pan.

baked donuts
Recipe #2

Recipe said bake on 425 degrees for 7 – 9 minutes. Here is how they looked out of the oven.

baked donuts
Looks good.

They rose quite a bit more than the first recipe. We took half and coated with cinnamon sugar and half we dipped into chocolate.

baked donuts
Final result.

Woops. I see one is missing from the cooling rack. We tried both out (quality control) and they were good. Surprise, surprise!! We both felt like the second batch seemed more like a donut but on the second day we changed our mind and the first batch was our favourite. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

Would we make them again? Yes. There are other recipes out there for chocolate donuts and carrot donuts, to name a few. Bonus: they were quick and easy to make.


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