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Snow Day

What a difference a day makes! Or to be more exact, what a difference one snow storm makes. Here was Jim on the weekend, happily sawing logs.

Winter sawing.

As you can see, no snow on the ground and temperatures were well above freezing. Then yesterday we had an old fashioned nor’easter roll through. The kind that closes schools and businesses. I would rather have all snow but we managed to get dumped with snow and then it changed over to freezing rain and ice pellets for many hours. Then back to snow.

skidsteer,winter,snow clearing
Snow clearing with the skidsteer.

In other news, we managed to piece together the wooden NS map. Turns out glue and patience were all it took. And we have lots of glue! Patience is another story.

wood map,glue
Gluing up the map
wood map,glue
Hey Jim.

And for the back for extra stability, since the hanger was attached to one of the pieces that broke away from the main part, we added a thin piece of wood.

wood map,ns map
Back of map.

Remember my flowering houseplant from a few weeks ago? It is still flowering and awesome.

house plant,kalanchoe
Orange and pink flowers.

So pretty. Here is a look from a little farther back.

kalanchoe,house plant flowering
Its still alive.

There are several spots with flowers and more just starting to bud. Only thing is I think most of the plants energy is going to producing flowers and the rest of the plant is suffering in the process. Worst case scenario, after it is finished blooming I could cut slips off and start over.

Well, that concludes January. I overheard people talking about how January was dragging on, but I would disagree and say it flew by. Potentially only 2 more months of winter!!





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