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Sawmill maintenance services

One of the services I will be providing in the coming months for other sawyers is to sharpen bandsaw blades. There are two primary bits of equipment to perform that task, a ‘setter’ and a ‘sharpener’.

saw mill blade maintenance, setting the kerf
saw mill blade maintenance

The first step of saw blade maintenance is checking the teeth to make sure they are in alignment. Properly set teeth will make for a smoother cut on the face of the lumber, better handling of the sawdust and less stress on the saw mill.  The set width of the teeth produces the cut, or kerf,  when sawing.

For most saw  mill blades teeth are fixed in groups of three. One tooth tilts to the right, the second one stays straight, and the third tooth tilts to the left. The setting machine we have will tilt the teeth left and right at the same time.

saw mill blade maintenance,services
saw blade setter

Here’s a short video which explains the basic operation of the machine.

The other stage of saw blade maintenance is sharpening the blades. I’ll make a video later but in the meantime this is the saw sharpening station.

saw milling services,sharpening blades
saw blade sharpener

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