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Random Wednesday

Well, hello. Welcome, if you are new to these parts, and welcome back if you are a regular.  We have been keeping ourselves busy and trying to stay out of trouble.

Jim celebrated a birthday on the weekend. That called for chocolate cake of course.

birthday cake
Happy Birthday Jim!!!!

We recently had a call to build a heat pump shelter. Jim went to see the lady and take measurements. He brought along several pictures of shelters we found on Pinterest to help give her a visual and so she could decide what exactly she was wanting him to build.

heat pump shelter build
Hurry up, its cold!!.

She decided simple was better so Jim built the roof portion at home and then we brought all pieces with us to assemble on sight. The whole thing was built using pressure treated lumber. Her heat pump is located right under the eve of her house and snow slides off and lands on the heat pump.

In the spring it will probably be painted. Here is a final picture.

heat pump shelter build
All done.

Jim also made another Nova Scotia wood map. This one is for sale here.

scrollsaw,wooden maps, NS, Nova Scotia
Wood map fo Nova Scotia.

Sad news alert!!! One of the NS wood maps we made for a Christmas gift fell off the wall at their house (wasn’t hung properly), resulting in this…

ns wood map
Puzzle anyone??

Plan is to try and glue it back together for them. I’ll keep you updated on how that goes.

Thought you might want to see the cockapoo puppy that is available for the beginning of February. A girl.


God help us. So. Torn.



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