Scroll Saw Class is in Session.

If you ever thought you couldn’t use a scroll saw, you might be wrong. Our friend Greg, who took the aerial pictures of our neck of the woods from the helicopter, asked Jim to make him a custom piece for a friend of his. Then he had a brilliant idea. He asked if he could help, and that would give it more meaning (and him more bragging rights).

Nice design.

They worked on the design through email, so everything would be ready when he got here.

I need to back up and say that Greg had never used a scroll saw before!! Jim spent the morning cutting out the pieces for the front, back and framed sides before Greg arrived. The four sides for the frame have two grooves in each for the front and back panels to sit in.

scroll saw,signs,cafe
Pieces to make the sign.

He then mitered the corners of the frame.

scroll saw,signs,cafe

Jim also cut out the lettering on the left side of the sign knowing it would take Greg a longer time to cut the whole sign. When Greg arrived Jim put a piece of scrap wood on the scroll saw and gave a little demonstration of how the spiral blades cut, how to hold the wood etc. Greg gave it a whirl and he was off to the races. Jim said he was a natural.

scroll saw,signs,cafe
Greg at the scroll saw.

While Greg was scrolling, Jim was busy putting the frame together.

scroll saw,signs,cafe
Sign frame

It was late in the day when they finished. Greg took the sign with him and he is going to paint the back panel black. He also wanted to be able to light up the sign, so he took a strip of LED battery operated lights with him. We have used the lights on other projects like: this deer head, and some of our wooden maps.He said he would send a picture when he gets everything put together. Here is the sign when they finished at the end of the day.

scroll saw,signs,cafe
Good job.

Just imagine, this sign is going to hang in a cafe in Maui.

Greg has been trying to convince us to get a puppy like his. Same breed as the one we were dog sitters for. Tempting, very tempting.

UPDATE: Greg sent along a picture of the back painted black and the LED lights attached.

signs,led lights
Good job Greg!!


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