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Windy Weekend

Wind: 1, heat pump shelter: 0.

Remember way back when we built a shelter to protect our heat pump? No? Well me neither. Had to look it up, surprised it was only in the fall of 2015. Seems like it has been there for longer.

heat pump shelters,logs,logging,chainsaw
Completed shelter

This past weekend another storm rolled through. We aren’t complaining because other places in the maritimes had it MUCH worse. We were lucky that there was no snow or ice left on the ground when the heavy rain came. Temperatures were in the mid teens. Only problem: the wind.

I was in the house and Jim was in the workshop when I heard a loud noise that coincided with a particularly strong wind gust. I put on my jacket and ran outside, expecting that maybe one of our chairs blew off the porch. Imagine my surprise when this is what I saw.

heat pump,shelter,windy
Holy crap

Went to the workshop to let Jim know. The base looked wonky too, and upon further inspection, the back left corner log was completely out of the cement  footing.

We left it like that until the next morning when the wind had diminished. Of course the next morning was COLD.

Our plan was to take it all apart and rebuild it back in place.

heat pump,shelter,windy
Removing the steel roof.
heat pump,shelter,windy
And it’s off.

Once we had removed the steel panels, we decided to lift it up to see how heavy it was. Manageable, barely. I wasn’t sure if I could hoist it above my head and onto the shelter. Figured we would try, it would save a lot of work.

We carried it over and balanced it on the edge. I held on to it while Jim went inside the structure. He lifted and I pushed with all my might.


heat pump,shelter,windy
Getting there.

I think Jim used extra screws this time. You know, so we don’t have to do this again.

heat pump,shelter,windy
It will never come apart again.

Then we re-attached the steel panels.

heat pump,shelter,windy
Attaching the roof.

Oh, almost forgot. There was one minor casualty.

heat pump,shelter,windy
Messed up downspout.

We will fix that in the spring.

All finished.

heat pump,shelter,windy
Better than new.

Gotta say this is the strangest winter we’ve ever experienced. We haven’t plowed snow yet this winter. ( I was knocking on wood while typing that.)

They predict the blackflies are going to be wicked this spring. Something to look forward to. LOL.


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