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Operation: Pine Tree Removal

One of our spring jobs is crossed of the old to-do list, in winter no less. We were asked by my Aunt across the lake to take down five pine trees in the spring. They stood about 40 feet tall and were located quite close to her house. After the last wind storm, lots of branches broke off making a mess on her lawn. Most living branches were about 20 or more feet up. The rest were gone. This is what we started with.

pine tree removal
Before…pine trees

This tree removal job was quite different than anything we had done before. No chipper was involved, and we had help from Russell (local farmer and friend) and his son Allen. So this time we traded the chipper and skidsteer for a tractor and 5 ton dump truck.

pine tree removal
Russell cutting the first tree.

There was one tree on one side of power and phone lines and the other four were on the other side. First tree came down across the lawn, other four went out towards the field.

pine tree removal
One down four to go.

Once down and large limbs cut off, Allen would scoop up the debris with the tractor and forks and dump it into the back of the dump truck.

pine tree removal
On the move…
pine tree removal
Quick way to clean up
pine tree removal
This should fit?!!

Then on to the next tree.

pine tree removal
Russell getting ready to push on the tree.

And its down…

pine tree removal
Russell supervising Jim. LOL

So with five pine trees down and a smaller spruce as well, we had a lot of sticks to pick up. Didn’t take too long with the four of us. Russell made two trips in the big truck to remove the branches.

Here is a little before/after action.

pine tree removal
Before and After

It took us less than two hours start to finish. Only damage was the phone line got pulled out of its clips on the house. We brought over a ladder and put it back.

Jim got a little wood out of it. None of it was rotten but not exactly perfectly straight either.

pine tree removal
Pine logs

It was really nice to get outdoors again. This day was above zero and no wind.


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