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A typical winter here at our end of Nova Scotia consists of cold temperatures, enough to freeze the ground, then rain, then a dusting of snow, and back to cold temps. Every once in a while a storm gets thrown in the mix.¬† That’s about where we stand now. The ground is frozen and then it rained.

icy driveway,winter

That picture was taken after Jim spread some dirt on it to help melt it and to give us some traction. Funny enough the hill part of our driveway is mostly clear.¬† Since then we had a dusting of snow. Makes it sketchy for driving down the driveway and not running into the garage. Hasn’t happened yet, fingers crossed. It did come close one time though.

The storm that came through last week was supposed to be quite a bit of snow then rain. Well, we got a dusting of snow, lots of rain, 100km /hr winds and had no power for 19 hours. Thankfully we have a generator but its still a pain in the butt. Just about everything works in the house with the generator except for heat and hot water, and the stove. We use the wood stove for heat so that’s not a problem but sandwiches¬† and cold food gets old fast.

On another note… you may have seen this plant before when Jim built the apple basket.

apple baskets, arts and crafts, veneers
Apple Basket craft

It was a plant I had been given that was in hard shape. I cut 5 or 6 cuttings off it and put them in water and after several months they were ready to plant. What you see in the above picture is after they had been planted for a few months.

It continued to thrive and had to be moved from that spot since it had gotten so big.

house plants,flowers
It loves the sun shine.

I had to look up the name of it and I think it is Kalanchoe, a succulent. I also read that I think I am overwatering it. Damm. It is a flowering plant. Awesome.

I’ve been keeping my eye out for any sign of flowers and whada ya know.

house plant,flowers
Oh, my.

There are several of these on the plant. Patience isn’t really a strong suit of mine but after a few weeks it started to bloom.

house plants,flowers

Can’t take a wide shot yet cause this is the only bloom so far. You wouldn’t be able to see it. When it gets covered with flowers (LOL) I’ll show you. Patience people.







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