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A typical Weekday

Starting to sound like a broken record here, but more maps headed out the door this week. All of these are the colour choices of the customers.

wood maps
Wood maps

The two painted ones were put in the mail to PEI and the non-painted one, which has LED lights, was picked up.

We finally had several nights of below zero temperatures. One morning we awoke to this…

frozen lake
Toooo soon

A light dusting of snow but look at the lake!!!! Our end of the lake must be shallower than the other end. It always starts to freeze up first. It is usually not until January that the whole lake is iced over. Thankfully the temperatures recovered and with the warmer air and rain all snow disappeared and the lake opened up again.  Gotta say I miss looking out at the lake in the winter and seeing how strong the wind is and which direction it is blowing from. North or south.

Some of you might be doing a little extra Christmas baking. Not us. This is a typical Tuesday evening.

Banana bread

Jim decided to use up the remaining bananas. The two round ones are regular banana bread and the loaf is chocolate banana. A new recipe for us.

We got word that Jacob (the cockapoo) may be coming for a visit over Christmas. Not overnight or anything, but still look forward to seeing him again.


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