Two sided picture frame

This was a fun project. We have the original deed to our land from September 8th, 1952. We were looking for something else one day and came across it. We decided it should really be framed in order to better preserve it.

land deed, two sided picture frame
Check out the date

It has seen better days.

land deed, two sided picture frame
Land deed

It is printed on both sides…

land deed, two sided picture frame
Other side

We measured the paper and ordered two pieces of glass the same size as the paper. We then cleaned the glass and put the deed between the two pieces of glass. Jim cut four pieces of wood for the frame, mitered the corners, and routered the inside edge for the glass to fit in.

land deed, two sided picture frame
Glass with wood frame

Indeed I done did the deed. #land #history #historicaldocuments

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Then we hung it in our hallway.

land deed, two sided picture frame

Here is the backside.

picture frame,land deed

Fun fact: This thing is HEAVY. I took it off the wall to get a picture of the back and was surprised at how heavy it was. Out of curiosity I weighed it. 7lbs 4oz. I think we should put a bigger nail in the wall to hold it up.


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