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Weekend Update

It was a busy weekend, what with Christmas creeping closer. It seems like there is lots of time and then all of a sudden there are only two weeks left. We clued up all the orders to get them in the mail for today. That included finishing the Nova Scotia crib board.

crib board,ns map
Drilling the holes on the crib board.

Jim used the new drill press to make the holes in the map for the crib board. Like I said before the light is awesome, the laser, not so much. While Jim was aligning the X of the laser with the drill, the light for the laser went out and never returned. Not sure if we will return the drill press or not.

Here is the finished NS map.

ns maps,crib boards
NS Crib board

And the Newfoundland map.

wooden maps
Newfoundland map

This one was also ordered but thankfully not going in the mail.

ns maps,wooden maps
Love this one.

While Jim was in the workshop I started decorating the house. Not the tree though, that will be next weekend. I set out a group of angels in the dining room, they looked sort of bare so I added some batten. Thought it looked pretty good until Jim suggested we light up the batten. We used two sets of LED string lights which run on batteries and are operated by remote.

christmas decorating,angels

Each Christmas we print our own cards. This weekend when we started working on them we discovered that the picture we had taken of ourselves had disappeared. We have hardly any pictures of the two of us. So, we had to go outside with the tripod and pretend we weren’t freezing. Fun times.

Have a great week.




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