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Busy Weekend

I love Saturdays for some reason. I guess its because it feels like it is the beginning of two days of freedom to do what ever we choose. Although this time of year we always end up doing some office work to get ahead of Monday.

Besides that we managed a few other things, like a much needed power wash of the skidsteer. We didn’t want to leave the mud on it and have that freeze in place.

skidsteer,land clearing

In order to use the power washer out behind the garage, Jim had to connect three hoses together stretching from the house to the workyard.

I don’t know if it’s just us but nothing ever goes as planned. Jim got half of the skidsteer mud free when part of the handle on the power washer broke. Of course it did! So with the job half finished Jim headed in to order new parts.

Also this weekend we got a start on making more wood maps. The ones on order are crib boards. One of Nova Scotia and two of Newfoundland.

scrollsaw.wood maps,crib boards
Crib boards

Here are some boards glued up for one of the Newfoundland maps.

wood maps,crib boards
Waiting for glue to dry.

In other news, the tempered glass arrived for the wagon wheel picnic table. And it fits!! Took forever to get it cause the first time it arrived the store owner sent it back to be smoothed out on the edges.

wagon wheel picnic table,western,rodeo,country style,country life
Completed Wagon Wheel Picnic Table

You can read all the details of building this picnic table HERE.

Also had to make bread this weekend.

white bread
Bread rising


white bread
Soooo good.

Here’s to a great week.

I think we are getting our winter tires on this week, you know, just in case.



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