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Sinking feeling

Remember a week or so ago when we were so proud of our newly cleared lot behind the work yard????? I think I may have even bragged a little. As a refresher, here is how it looked.

skidsteer,land clearing
Looking good.

After putting some more thought into it we decided it needed to be bigger still. After a few more afternoons, Jim had cut more trees and we now have a huge pile to chip but…

skidsteer,land clearing
This happened.

Remember we live on a hill and while our well for water for the house has to have an overflow pipe because water conditions are so good, it also means there are springs just about everywhere.

skidsteer,land clearing
Other side of the road

Now we have a mud pit and it rained a lot last night after these pictures were taken. I’m afraid to go look at it now.

skidsteer,land clearing

All’s not lost, but it is definitely going to require ditches and lots of rock.

Have a great weekend.



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