Finishing Touches

We finished painting and installing new flooring at a neighbours house yesterday. The flooring was tricky in spots with a lot of undercutting of the baseboard and sometimes removing it all together. All her door casings had plinth blocks.

Removing the plinth blocks

These were installed when the house was built in 1989. The installer didn’t plan to have them removed EVER.¬†Baseboards were nailed and glued.

Lots of nails!!

With some of those removed we continued with the flooring.

Vanity area in ensuite

We worked our way into the walk-in closet where things got even more interesting. Jim had to undercut this shelving unit and then tap two boards underneath.

Walk-in closet flooring

After the closet we were onto the master bedroom.

Master bedroom flooring

As you can see we were working around some furniture that couldn’t go anywhere else, mainly the dresser and bed. Once we went as far as possible we moved the dresser out of the way and lifted the bed onto the new flooring so we could continue to install.

Almost there.
 Once the master bedroom was finished we moved onto the spare room. Much the same procedure, and also working around a single bed.
Sitting down on the job.

When we finished the floor, Jim re-installed the quarter round in this room and the baseboards got a coat of white paint.

Tight quarters

Here are a few pictures of the finished job.

Vanity area
Bedroom into vanity area

Look at that awesome paint job!!

Nice to be finished. It took a total of 3 1/2 days to repair drywall, then paint and floor both rooms plus ensuite. Homeowner was pleased, that’s what counts. On to the next project.


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