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Painting and Flooring: Part 2

We are still plugging away at a neighbours house, and yes…we are still painting. Yesterday we almost finished all the painting in the master vanity/walk-in closet/toilet-tub area but we ran out of white paint.

Here is the before of the closet… walls, ceiling, trim…everything was beige.


Here is the during…

Walk-in closet

I spent a long time cutting in with the brush and then did the first coat with the roller. Thankfully everything in the closet is being painted white so that makes things easier.

Working my magic

And the (almost) after…

Ta Da!!

Here is the other side where the vanity is located.

New gray paint

While I was tackling the paint, Jim was putting another coat of plaster on the spare bedroom wall.

There you are!!

And then prepped the baseboards for new flooring, with his new toy tool.

Pray for us.

Up next, finish the painting in the closet, that should only take 1/2 hour. Then we start the flooring. I think we are going to work on Saturday so hopefully I can show you the new flooring finished in this room. Fingers crossed.


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