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Expansion continues

The weather is holding at decent temperatures for working outdoors. When I said we hoped to have the ground leveled out before winter I thought it was a pipe dream. Here is where we left off…


We spent one more afternoon cutting down a few more trees and chipping the branches. Then Jim started moving ground from the high side to the lower side. By the time I got out there he had run into a LARGE rock which was half way buried in the ground.

rocks,landscaping,skidsteerDigging around the rock

He was using the backhoe attachment to dig around it so we could see just how big it was. He finally got it loosened but had to slowly roll it out of the hole. It fell back into the hole a few times until he dug in front of it so it could come out all the way.

Hard to believe…

He asked if I wanted it for my flower bed. Um…YES. Yes I do. But seeing how hard it was to move it such a short distance I couldn’t imagine taking it all the way through the work yard, over to the house, and down the lawn to the flower bed.  So, I declined. Afterwards he said it wouldn’t have been a problem using the forks, and I kicked myself, but I’m sure there will be more large rocks in the bank.

Here are a few pictures of Jim moving the dirt, rocks and stumps. Oh the stumps.

Check it out.
Still moving dirt…

And guess what…there was another really large rock, perfect for my flower bed. Only thing is it has huge cracks in it. We put it aside and if it doesn’t break apart with the frost, it will be moved to its new home, surrounded by flowers.

Thats it over there.

And here is the fine job Jim did in only a few short hours…


We aren’t sure if this is big enough yet, if not it won’t be too hard to take a few more trees down and dig some more.

Have a great weekend.


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