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Gravestone repairs

We are the caretakers of the cemetery across the lake from us. We have been for about 11 years now. That involves mowing and any repairs we see fit. Saturday we spent the afternoon at the cemetery filling in low spots in the grass and straightening some headstones. As you can see, this one is tilting forward quite a bit. It is actually tilted more than this picture shows since the cemetery is on a hill.

headstone repairs

First thing we did before we went over was load the trailer with soil using the skidsteer. Then we drove to the church taking along a shovel, rake, axe, and wheel barrow.

church repairs,cemetery
Trailer full of soil

From mowing, we know where all the low spots are and those we filled with soil.

Filling in the low spots.

For the gravestones, there were about 7 or 8 that were leaning, a few were about to topple over.  First we dug along the front of the gravestones so we could see how they were installed. Remember, some of them date back 150 years, and each was installed differently.

Jim used a long steel pole to get down under the front and lift the stone up so I could add soil underneath.

cemetery repairs
Using his muscles.

Here, the stone is upright.

cemetery repairs
Good for another few years

Fixing headstones #graveyardshift

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In the spring, we will put down grass seed where ever we put soil.

You just never know what we will be up to next.


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