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Pine logs and water issues

The weather this past week was beautiful. Cool nights and warm afternoons with a good breeze. Can’t complain. We got a start on milling the pine logs, I would say we are NEARLY  half way through the pile. We try and get in a few hours everyday, only way to get them milled it seems. One noteworthy log measured 16 inches across.

16″ pine log

Here it is on the mill.


Usually I help getting the log set up but Jim was on his own with this one. I couldn’t budge it.


Here it is being slabbed.


So far we have almost finished milling an order for a customer plus this..

1″ pine lumber


2″ pine lumber

See that 6 x 6 on top in the last pic? We want to get about 3 more of those and they will be used for table legs in the future when they are dry. Milling lumber is teaching me patience. It will take a long time for these to dry.

Do you remember the full glass door we installed for a neighbour a few weeks ago? When her house was built the original exterior front door had a side light on the left. When they had a new door installed they got rid of the side light and went with a single door.

storm door
All done

And ever since they made the change there has been a leak to the left of the door. She sometimes sees a small puddle on the floor inside. She asked us to take a look at it. While investigating Jim showed her how that ledge was angled in towards the house and any rain that ran down the siding was seeping into her house.

Jim got to work removing the bottom row of siding and also all the caulk that had been put on over the years to try and remedy the problem. The white boards are some sort of solid plastic that Jim said he’s never seen before. We discovered it extends well under the door. Jim thinks after removing the previous exterior door, the carpenter framed the rough opening for the new door using this plastic on the sill (bottom). But what the carpenter did not do was put a level on it first because it sloped backwards a significant amount.

leaking,front door
And so it begins…

Long story short, we needed to change the slope so water would run away from the house.  The solution would be to mock up a new slope for the space under the vinyl siding area, and to screw down the plastic in front of the door to achieve a slope.

Jim had to go back to his workshop with measurements and started working with a piece of 2×6 pressure treated lumber. He used a number of tools to get it right; tablesaw, hand plane and electric planer.  The electric planer quickly removed material on the underside and also shape the slope of the top side. Then finished the piece with End Coat wood preservative to seal up the cut and planed parts of the board.

wodworking,handyman,home renovation, water leak fixes
custom fitted board

Here is a picture showing the ice and water shield Jim installed as well as the board he cut, getting ready to slip it in place.

Installing a new sloped ledge

Then the bottom row of siding had to be trimmed to fit and a new piece of vinyl finishing trim (undersill trim) was installed, but first Jim drilled holes along the bottom so any water wouldn’t collect.


Here it is finished except for paint. We will wait for the new caulk to dry overnight. Meantime, a big rainstorm is headed in overnight.


Hope you have a great weekend.


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