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Shed Removal

A local had Jim and I remove a large baby barn from their back yard. They just wanted it gone, contents and all. Sure. No problem. Here is what we were working with.

baby barn removal,chainsaw
Old baby barn

First up, we had to take everything out of it. Lots of old paint cans and recyclables. With the shed empty we got to work with our drills and hammers. LOL. Not likely. Here is how it went down…

baby barn removal,chainsaw
Jim using the chainsaw to remove shed


baby barn removal,chainsaw
More chainsaw action

We used an old chain on the power saw, one that was sure to be ruined after cutting through nails etc. After a lot of muscle power from Jim swinging the maul, the front fell out, then Jim did the same on the back wall. Next up was cuttingĀ  through the supports.

baby barn removal,chainsaw
Cutting the supports

At this point we tried to push it over but no luck so Jim had to keep cutting the supports.

baby barn removal,chainsaw
Cutting the lower posts

Meanwhile I was filling up our small trailer for our first trip to the waste facility which is 30 minutes away.

baby barn removal,chainsaw
About 1/2 full

Once the supports were cut, we were left with this.

baby barn removal,chainsaw

Jim climbed onto the roof and cut it into 8 pieces so we could pile a few on the trailer with the first load. When we got back, we put the remaining pieces onto the trailer as well as the floor.

baby barn removal,chainsaw
Cutting the floor

With the trailer filling up again we were ready for our second trip.

baby barn removal,chainsaw
Strapping down the load

At the waste facility they weigh the load and the two combined weigh one ton. Crazy right? Here is the site when we finished.

baby barn removal,chainsaw
All gone

And with that, another thing is crossed off our to-do list. There is something very satisfying about drawing a line through something on the list.

We started milling the pine logs and they are really nice so far. Will show you this week.


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