Milling Lumber

Poplar logs are done… finally.

Annnndddd the poplar logs are done! About 93 logs and we got enough to board and batten the 40ft shipping container as well as these 5 crates of 1″ boards and one tall crate of bigger boards ( mostly 2×10’s, 2×12’s).

saw milling business,Nova Scotia,poplar logs to lumber
about 3000 bd ft of poplar

If memory serves me correct, it took about 5 tanks of gas in the sawmill, 2 fill ups on the lube tank, about 12 blades that need to be sharpened and many hours.

I estimate the total to be about 3,000 bd ft. There’s approximately 1,000 bd ft on the shipping container, about 1,250 bd ft in those five crates pictured above, with the remaining 700 bd ft (or more) in 2×10’s and 2×12’s.

shipping container,board and batten,saw milling,logs to lumber
Board and Batten

As we cut through to the bottom of the log pile, the logs that were sitting on the ground started to ‘turn’. ¬†And by turn, I mean decay at a faster rate. I was not here when the logs were unloaded and the guy in the log truck didn’t give any thought to using some of the logs as stringers for the remaining logs to rest on…off the ground. Ah well. Who knows, the spalting might add some character to the wood.

splated lumber,boards,log to lumber,sawmilling
spalted poplar

Up next on the saw mill crib are pine logs! Some of these logs will be choice cut for some chunky, rustic style furniture we are wanting to build.

pine trees, saw milling, Nova Scotia,woodworking
pine logs

The weather is definitely fall like these days. Frost on the ground in the morning and sunny warm afternoons. Here is a picture we took early in the morning of the field across the lake from us as the sun was coming up. Note the frost on the ground.

Beautiful fall morning

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