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Another day at the sawmill

On Tuesday, with our house guest gone, we were able to get out to the mill again. While the puppy was here, he wanted no part of our work area. Jim was working with the skidsteer  to tidy up the yard and the puppy wasn’t impressed with the noise. I wouldn’t leave him in the house alone, he would only cry and paw at the glass door, so Jim was flying solo.

Flying solo

He got the logs that were already on the crib sawed and brought down another load to be ready for Tuesday morning.

After we did up our office work, we headed out to a beautiful, cool sunny fall morning. It was only 7 degrees, brrr, with no chance of heat exhaustion in our future. The clouds turned ominous, but they passed over with out a shower.


When Jim left things on Monday, he had the pallet filled to this point. Notice how he strapped it before we loaded it this time to see if it was easier. Seems to be working better.

Poplar lumber on pallets

Before we could start, Jim had to change the blade on the mill, so I took this time to cart off some of the sawdust. Oh, the sawdust. It is so fine it makes me itchy at times.

Its messy work

We broke for lunch only to realize we had NO snacks for later.  So Jim baked a cake and we added blueberries this time. It was in the oven for a little over an hour so we would just had to remember to come in from milling to take it out of the oven. No problem.

Blueberry cake

It would be good just like it is but it will be even better once I get icing on it. 🙂

After lunch we had to get some more logs from the dwindling log pile. Hallelujah!! (Ha, had to look up the spelling on that).

Moving poplar logs with the skidsteer

And also make some more stickers.

stickers,milling lumber
Scraps for stickers

Another thing to do before we started milling again was to move the lumber on the pallets out to the back of the yard.

Up, up and away

Final resting place…

Getting crowded

I took this picture because it was the last log of the 93 logs that arrived in late May. When we finished up on Tuesday the only poplar logs left to mill are the ones on the crib.

LAST one

After supper I made icing for the cake.

blueberry cake
Sooo good!

Hopefully today we will get those last few logs milled and then it is onto the pine logs.


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