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Busy Weekend

I feel like we accomplished a lot this weekend. First up was finishing the painting of Santa, and Christmas Nativity and Stable for a customer.

Santa Claus,Christmas

Here is Santa ready to go.

Praying Santa

I know it seems too early for Christmas but this order had to be finished by the end of October. Once Santa was finished, I got to work on the Stable. Here is an in-progress picture.

Lots of details on the Stable

And another…

Getting there

Here it is all finished with Joseph, Mary and the manger.

All done

While I worked on painting, Jim was in the workshop building the wall mounted jewelry rack.

Jewelry organizer
Details of the rack.

Of course sanding was involved.

jewelry organizer
Sanding small parts

Here it is all finished, minus the jewelry:(

jewelry rack
Its a thing of beauty

There’s a place for stud and hanging earrings, the rod comes off to pick a bracelet to wear, and a place for necklaces or watches to hang on the small knobs.

Next up was working on the wagon wheel picnic table that Jim designed. Before we sell a new plan, Jim likes to actually build it to work out any kinks and make sure all measurements are correct. Once we get it finished we’ll show you some of the process.

We officially became dog sitters this weekend!! No big deal for most of you but we have no pets and never have. It’s a big responsibility to look after someones pet. I told Jim my goal was to not have to call his owners from the emergency Vet. The owners let him run free of course at their house, but we have 19 acres and not a fence to be found.

Jim whipped up a dog dish holder to keep his water bowl in one spot.

Jacob,pet dish holder
Pet feeding station

Worked perfect. He is only a puppy at 10 months old but sooooo cute. We took him for long walks and his nose hardly left the ground. He would love nothing more than to run into the woods like he does at home. Not on my watch.

Jim and Jacob

Here are a couple of more cute pictures before I go. He tried out all the spots and decided he liked the two chairs best.

Evening nap.




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