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Back in business

Wednesday afternoon we ran errands and that included picking up fuses for the skidsteer’s grapple. That evening Jim put in the new fuses and we were back in business. Thursday morning we worked in the office and then headed out to the mill to put a dent in the pile of logs we still have to mill.

Before we could begin we had to move the pile of lumber we already milled.

Securing the lumber

Moving this load with the forks on the skidsteer, means we have to make sure they don’t fall off en-route. I am NOT re-stacking this lumber. So we added a few extra supports. I used the chainsaw for the first time in my life.


I won’t be giving up my day job but I gotta say it was fun. Jim said it’s a slippery slope.

Once we got all the supports in place it looked like this.

Ready to move

Then Jim picked it up with the skidsteer and moved it to the back of the yard.

On the move
Still in one piece.

Once that was moved we were ready to roll. Speaking of rolling…this is how we roll the logs onto the mill. LOL, in this picture they are upside down.

It works.

We sawed a bunch more logs and Jim said the blade was getting dull so it was time to put on a new  one. It will soon be time to buy a sharpening system, before we run out of fresh blades.

Getting the new blade in place

As Jim saws the logs, I take the lumber and brush off the sawdust and stack them on our pallet.

stacking lumber
Hard at work

At the end of the day we had two pallets of wood moved to the backyard.


Before the snow flies we will cover them with tarps.

Here are the slabs we created in the last few days of milling. Hopefully some of them will disappear for a neighbours kindling. I suppose some will have to be chipped.

That looks like work.

Although our pile of poplar logs is getting smaller, there is still a few full days of milling in our future. On Sunday the pile looked like this…

logs,milling,saw mill

Now it looks like this…

This makes me happy

Mind you there are five logs on the crib also, waiting for the next time we can get out there. Hopefully on the weekend.


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