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Fuse anyone?

Monday afternoon we made a small dent in our poplar logs. It wasn’t an ideal day for milling with the wind blowing sawdust everywhere.

Plugging along

We managed to get a few hours in though. At the end of each milling day we do a clean up by moving the slabs. We got smart and now we leave the forks for the skidsteer in place and pile up the slabs. At the end of the day we use the skidsteer and pick up the forks and slabs and move them out of the way. We also load up the crib with the next set of logs so when we get free time and are ready to mill, everything is ready to start. It feels like we are being more efficient.

Ready to go again.

Saves a lot of extra lifting. A neighbour asked if he could buy some slabs to make kindling and we told him to help himself. It will save time not having to chip them.

Tuesday afternoon was beautiful and we headed out to the mill. Logs were already on the crib. All was going well. Too well. Then this happened for the first time ever.

That doesn’t look right!

We rolled the log onto the mill from the crib and somehow it rolled right back onto the ground. Now if it was smaller we could have picked it up ourselves but this one required the skidsteer to lift it back up onto the mill. Well guess what? The skidsteer had a blown fuse that prevented the grapple from operating properly. That put an end to our milling for the day. Today we will pick up a few extra fuses so we can continue.

Before I go, here is a picture Jim took of our sunset this evening. I hate how early it is getting dark these days.

Loch Katrine sunset


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