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More folding bench/picnic tables

On Monday morning we got a call from the store that sells our folding bench/picnic tables to tell us they sold the last one and could we bring another.

folding bench picnic table,made locally,Nova Scotia,carpentry,woodworking
Bench position.

We didn’t have anymore on hand already made up so we picked up enough lumber to build 3 this time, seeing how late it is in the season. Usually we make 6 at a time. Also it gives us a head start in the spring if we happen to have one on hand.

Each bench uses 11 pressure treated 2 x 4s. These are the templates Jim had made up from the plan when he built the first one.

picnic tables

Won’t go through all of the steps but in an hour after supper Jim had all the parts cut for one bench and I had them all sanded. Normally we would cut and sand parts for the 3 or 6 we would be making but we wanted to hurry one along out the door asap.

picnic tables
His happy place.


picnic tables
Not so happy place.

Some parts require rounded edges.

picnic tables

More sanding…

picnic tablesApparently it is my happy place.

Then we came in and made chocolate chip cookies. I mean, come on.

Jims other happy place.

A plate for each of us.


One is plain chocolate chip, the other has dates, cherries, and pecans. Both needed to be sampled for quality control.

On Tuesday morning Jim assembled the first bench and delivered it to the store.

One down…two to go.



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