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Building a 10x20ft Shed – floor joists

We started on building a shed this past week. We recycled 2×6 pressure treated boards that came off of a deck we dismantled a couple years ago.

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recycled 2×6 deck joists

These boards were part of our stash of materials we had piled up behind the garage for a few years. Now coming in handy.

In our area, any structure bigger than 215 sq ft in size requires a permit so we decided that 10 x 20 keeps us under that number so we wouldn’t need to get a permit.

It took a few tries to get the 6 x 6 pressure treated posts level in all directions. The ground isn’t very level to begin with and as we leveled one area, another would be unlevel. We finally got it though. Or close enough.

Sunday morning we were at it again before it got too hot. We needed a few shims to level up the floor. We took a tamarack log from the pile and squared it to a 8 x 8 inch cant. Jim then worked at figuring out how to cut shingles from a block of wood. By the 3rd block of wood he had it figured out.

making shingles,tamarack,saw milling
Shingle making

3/4″ x 1/4″ thicknesses on each end requires  12 inch long block, then using that little block of wood to offset the angle.

saw milling,shingle making,larch,tamarack,Loch Katrine, Nova Scotia,Antigonish county
12 inch long single, 3/4×1/4 inch

Now we are ready to shingle a house! Just kidding. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Our weather is more like late July than late September. Later on in the week we are supposed to get cooler weather. When we get back to shed building we will show you what we are up to.


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