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Weekend Puttering.

It was a quiet weekend here, uneventful really, just how we like it. Saturday was hot and humid but Sunday was cool and cloudy. We spent Saturday morning revisiting the first side of the shipping container.


We had gotten smart by the time we did the second side because we cut notches out of the steel ledge that runs the length of the container for water to escape.


We have had a few rainy days since we finished the container and noticed that while the second side was good, the first side was retaining the rain on that ledge and making the boards wet. Can’t have that.

We started throwing out ideas of how to best fix the first side starting with taking down all of the board and batten. Ugg. We decided there had to be a quicker and easier way to get the job done.

We decided to back out all of the bottom row of screws and go from there.

Bottom of first side.

Then Jim went in the container and took the screws out holding the bottom row of strapping and we pushed the strapping higher to clear that steel ledge. Could only go so high because we needed to be able to reuse the holes that Jim had cut into the steel. When we did push the strapping higher water poured out from the bottom.

Putting it all back together.

Jim re-attached the strapping from the inside while I held it in place from the outside. Then he screwed the bottom row of screws back in. Hopefully no more re-dos on this project.

We spent the rest of the day cleaning up the yard. We had been hoarding saving wood and metal roofing right behind the garage for years, since before we had a work yard. You know the stuff you aren’t going to use today or tomorrow but you will use some day. We built a crib using some of that wood and piled the rest in the crib and Jim moved it with the skidsteer to the back of the yard. You know, out of sight 🙂

That newly cleaned up spot is where our next project is going. A shed. I know what you are thinking, what do you need a shed for. Well the garage, which is actually Jims workshop, is overflowing, especially in the winter when we try and bring all equipment indoors. It should be a dedicated space where Jim can build or tinker without having to move a dozen things.

The shipping container will hold bigger pieces of equipment that we won’t be using over the winter. The shed will hold smaller things.

Anyways, here is what it looks like as of this morning.

New shed location.

The shed will be approximately 10 x 20 feet. We need to buy 2 more pressure treated 6 x 6 posts to complete the base. Besides those and roofing material we shouldn’t have to buy anything else. We will make it all ourselves or go hit up our stash, you know, the one thats now out of sight:)


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