Milling Lumber,  Outdoors

Weekend Update.

The forecast called for rain all weekend but we went out Saturday morning anyways to see what we could get done before it started to rain.

woodchipping,sawmill,shipping container
Chipping the slabs

As you can see, the sun was out most of the day. They never get it right. I worked on chipping the pile of slabs left over from adding the board and batten to side 2 of the shipping container. Meanwhile Jim changed the blade on the sawmill and got ready to mill the logs on the crib.

Ready to mill.

We got those all milled and broke for a bite to eat. After lunch it still wasn’t raining so we got out the welding machine and generator to start on the doors of the container.

Getting ready.
Does this look familiar?

We had to add a double layer of strapping to clear the door handles. You can sort of see it in this pic.

Finishing up.

All strapping done. Some doesn’t show up in the pic cause they are recycled pressure treated boards and some have the same color on them as the container. Coincidence.

All done strapping.

Rain did come around 4pm and by then we were finished anyways.

Sunday was a rain day but in the morning Jim got started on the board and batten for the doors.  We’ll get on that again soon and I’ll show you how it goes.



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