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Neighbours helping neighbours.

A neighbour we had never met before contacted Jim to see if we were able to bring the chipper over to his property. He had heard us using it at our house.

Pushing the chipper up hill.

His property is kinda tight as far as hauling the chipper with the truck and getting turned around, so Jim decided to use the skidsteer. The attachments for the skidsteer are on the front so he had to push the chipper down the road to the neighbours property. I followed along in the truck.

Jim and Sarah (Neighbours) had spent about a week clearing up brush and alders etc. and were ready to chip so we headed out to start at 9am.

We began chipping down at the road and then moved up into the front yard.

About 1/2 way done at this point.

Still chipping.

Thats a lot of branches.

It took the four of us about three hours to get it all cleaned up. It was also very warm and humid which is why we chose the morning. Figured it would be a little cooler, and it is supposed to rain for the next few days.





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